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    Linux VPS Hosting

    Virtual Servers —
    CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian on OpenVZ or Xen.

  • ISPmanager panel
  • Disk upgrade up to 2 TB
  • SSL with every order
  • Hassle-Free Anytime Money Back
  • Discounts up to 20% if
    paid for several months

    Fast SSD-drives with OpenVZ virtualization are the most popular plans for web hosting. OpenVZ technology allows you to upgrade a virtual server without interrupting its operation.

    For data storage, HDD with caching on fast SSD-drives are used. OpenVZ technology allows you to upgrade a virtual server without interrupting its operation.

    XEN virtualization allows you to configure kernel parameters, install specific software, like on a physical server, work with sockets and processes.


    Free with every VPS

    1 IPv4 and 1 IPv6
    Unlimited traffic
    Free nameservers
    Protection against DDoS-attacks
    SSL certificate
    for one year for domain
    ISPmanager 5 Lite
    first month for free

    Operating systems

    16.04 for OpenVZ
    16.04, 18.04 for XEN

    Additional services

    $1.34 per/mo
    $0.73 Gb/mo
    $0.14 Gb/mo
    ISPmanager 5 Lite

    Administer Linux VPS through the control panel

    You probably already used the ISPmanager 5 control panel on a virtual hosting. When switching to VPS, new features are added, but using the panel is just as easy.

    Administer VPS without special Linux knowledge and programming. Management of web server, PHP, mail, users, databases, backup.

    First month
    as a gift
    Basic administration

    Entrust server maintenance to the administrator

    VPS on Linux are reliable, but still require maintenance. Our administrators will undertake:

    — installation of packages for the selected distribution;
    — configuration of the web server to the needs of the website with the ISPmanager control panel;
    — update of server software upon your request.


    IPv4 addresses

    With each VPS we provide one IPv4 and one IPv6 address. Additional IP addresses can be purchased in quantities of 1 to 10 pieces, or in a block of 128 addresses — IPs in the block are cheaper.

    Single IPv4, up to 10
    Additional IPv4 range, 128
    $119.99 block/mo
    $172.16 block/mo
    Additional IPv4 range, 256
    $239.98 block/mo
    $344.32 block/mo
    Additional IPv4 range, 512
    $479.96 block/mo
    $688.63 block/mo

    We will return
    money for an unused period

    We are confident in the quality of VPS, therefore we give the opportunity at any time to cancel the server and receive a refund for an unused period (minus the cost of the IP address and ISPmanager license).

    We will move your website with CMS

    If your website uses one of the content management systems based on PHP and MySQL: Wordpress, Joomla, 1C-Bitrix, Drupal, ModX, we will transfer it for free from another hosting provider.

    What virtualization to choose?

    Fast solution for hosting

    Minimum overhead expenses for VPS.

    Possibility of upgrade without interrupting the server.

    It is impossible to launch Docker, but this is usually not required for website hosting.

    OpenVZ uses a single Linux kernel and runs copies on it of operating systems called VPS (Virtual Private Server) or VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server).

    Customization for any task

    Configuration of kernel parameters.

    It is possible to use Docker or have several versions of MySQL.

    Требуется перезагрузка виртуального сервера при апгрейде или даунгрейде.

    Virtual server reboot is required upon upgrade or downgrade.


    Is a trial period provided?
    Rental of VPS does not provide a free trial period, but in case of service removal, you will receive funds for unused time that is a multiple of days.
    Within what period is VPS activated?
    VPS is created in a minute — after that you can immediately begin to configure and use it.
    What are the limits?
    Virtual server limits are described in this Knowledge Base article. — Limits and UBC-parameters of VPS tariff plans.
    Is it possible to increase or decrease the plan for an operating server?
    It is possible to increase the plan or buy additional disk space without changing the tariff. To decrease the tariff plan contact support service.
    Is it possible to order VPS with Windows?
    Yes, we have Windows VPS.
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