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  • SSL Certificates

    Free GlobalSign SSL certificate

    Are you looking for a free SSL certificate for your website? REG.COM issues an SSL certificate for every domain registered with us!

    REG.COM together with GlobalSign actively promotes secure communications over Internet so we made free SSL certificates available for every domain registered with us.

    Any user who already has a domain or plans to register a new one in REG.RU can order annual SSL from GlobalSign from the Registrar's “Personal Account” free of charge.

    GlobalSign certificates protect both www.domain.com and domain.com with one certificate.


    A free certificate is available only to latin-character domain names (not available for IDN-domains).

    SSL certificate: why do you need it?

    With several phishing attacks by hackers on many useful website online, amongst other form of attack aimed at data theft, the need for Modern SSL becomes non-negotiable for any site serious about customers data protection.

    In addition, the SSL certificate allows the user to verify who owns the resource. You can be easily spot a phishing attempt, and so can your website users. They will trust you more and will submit data on your website without the fear of getting hacked.

    SSL certificates are required to encrypt the Internet connection. This reduces the risks of stealing confidential data. You can reliably protect not only passwords, but also bank card numbers.

    Just because our certificates are free, it doesn't mean it's a different, or substandard one. We has made it so that, even the Free SSL received for the domain will allow you to reliably protect your business and win the trust of all visitors on the site.

    Who can use the certificate?

    Do you have a website of your own? Do you want to start using SSL certificates?


    Domain-validated certificates available for both legal entities and individuals. Organization-validated certificates available only for legal entities.

    Do you still have a question how to get free SSL certificate? It's easy. Just register a domain name, and we will issue a SSL certificate for free.

    The process of obtaining SSL

    Would you like to connect a free SSL certificate to your domain name?

    Follow these 2 easy steps:

  • navigate to the domain management page (or hosting management / VPS);
  • in the “Security” section, enable the site's SSL certificate.
  • Then you are done! After this, the security of your domain is guaranteed! We recommend that you take advantage of this opportunity and protect yourself for free!

    In order to use a free SSL certificate, you must register a domain or transfer an existing one to the REG.COM platform

    If you need, you can download download certificate from “Personal account”!

    Provide your site with a secure https connection!

    Register domainMove domain

    В рамках договорённости о стратегическом сотрудничестве компания Agava и REG.RU объединяют свои усилия в области предоставления услуг хостинга и регистрации доменов. С 5.12.2016г. вся техническая поддержка и консультации оказывается специалистами REG.RU, которые оперативно помогут вам.

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