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  • SSL Certificates

    User trust and data protection: SSL certificates

    Choose the method of confirmation

    AlphaSSL Cheap
    DV certificate

    Certificate with domain name verification, without technical support. The best solution for acquaintance with the technology for novice web projects.

  • Available to individuals and legal entities
  • Encryption of all transmitted data
  • Wildcard (subdomain protection)
  • Cyrillic domain support
  • Protected data transfer protocol

    from $28.49 /yr

    from $31.48 /yr


    of trust


    Protected data transfer protocol

  • Domain
    validation (DV)
  • Available to individuals and legal entities
  • Encryption of all transmitted data
  • Wildcard (subdomain protection)
  • Cyrillic domain support
  • from $75.81 /yr

    from $93.20 /yr


    of trust


    Protected data transfer protocol

  • Organization
    validation (OV)
  • Available only to legal entities
  • Encryption of all transmitted data
  • Wildcard (subdomain protection)
  • from $106.21 /yr

    from $130.57 /yr


    of trust


    Green line with company's name

  • Extended
    validation (EV)
  • Available only to legal entities
  • Encryption of all transmitted data
  • Wildcard (subdomain protection)
  • Cyrillic domain support
  • from $274.11 /yr

    from $336.94 /yr

    More about plans

    Periodic discounts up to 42%!

    What you can get with the SSL certificate of the entry level

    For what?
  • Blog
  • Forum
  • Social network
  • Easy and fast!

    Thanks to the automation of the issuing, you can get and install the certificate within 20 minutes. It's enough just to confirm the domain ownership. Protect all transmitted data quickly and effortlessly.

    Try for free!

    If you care about security, but don't know where to start, just connect an entry-level SSL certificate for free for 1 year and make sure that the credibility of your website will inevitably increase.

    Certificates DomainSSL by GlobalSign from $75.81 /yr

    What you can get with the SSL certificate of the business level

    For what?
  • Online shop
  • Small business
  • Organization's website
  • Confirm your business status!

    In addition to verifying the domain, the certifying center verifies the legal existence of the organization. Visitors of your website will be sure that they came to the right address.

    Reliability, security and trust!

    Verifying the legal existence of the organization and ensuring reliable, robust encryption will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the attendance of your site. Take care of your business now to profitably distinguish yourself from competitors!

    Certificates OrganizationSSL by GlobalSign from $106.21 /yr

    What you can get with the SSL certificate of the extended level

    For what?
  • Online shop
  • Financial organization's website
  • Payment system
  • Medium & big business
  • Noticeable protection!

    The address line of the browser at websites protected by this certificate is highlighted in green. In addition, the name of the organization or store will be displayed in the address bar. Due to the extended validation of the legal existence of the organization, visitors of your website will not have any doubt that you are a reliable partner, supplier or seller. Your site will stand out against the background of competitors!

    Safety first!

    The certificate provides reliable encryption with SHA-256 technology and a minimum key length of 2048 bit. And thanks to the green highlight at the address line your website won't only be recognizable, but will also enjoy maximum confidence from visitors! Provide your business with stable growth and prosperity!

    Certificates ExtendedSSL by GlobalSign from $274.11 /yr

    Any questions?

    What exactly does an SSL certificate protect?
    Data passed between your server and the visitor's browser. To such data it is possible to carry any transferred information: logins, passwords, numbers of plastic cards, electronic purses. Without proper protection, all this information can be stolen by intruders.
    Why will an SSL certificate increase the credibility of my site?
    Having seen https:// before the address of your site and printing SiteSeal's trust on your site, users will know that their data is encrypted during transmission and can not be intercepted by an attacker. Also, the user will be sure that your site and company have been checked in the certifying center.
    What is SiteSeal's trust?
    This is the icon provided by the certification center. You need to put it on your site to show users that your resource has been verified and has an SSL certificate installed. This means that your site can be trusted.
    Free SSL certificate as well protects data, as well as paid, or there are some limitations?
    A free SSL certificate of the DV level is no different from a paid DV. We provide them free of charge together with the purchase of domains and hosting services to increase the trust in our clients' projects and improve the level of data transfer security on the Web.
    Are there any special requirements for the website to receive an SSL certificate?
    The main requirement — do not use your website for illegal activities. If your resource will be suspected in phishing or other fraudulent activities, the certifying center will deny you the issuing of the SSL certificate.
    How to install the SSL certificate correctly?
    If the hosting service is ordered in REG.RU, please contact our tech support for further information. It is enough to specify the hosting service to which the domain is attached, the certificate received from the certifying center, and the private key. If the domain is tied to the hosting of a third-party provider, contact your hosting provider's support service.
    24 years on market Japanese quality and reliability

    Tradition, reliability and quality are the inalienable features of Japanese culture, which formed the basis of approaches to technology, becoming a standard in many industries, including protection of transmitted data.

  • The leader in the field of data protection!

    GlobalSign is the world's second largest certification center with WebTrust accreditation. GlobalSign is one of the founders of the CA / B forum, a proud member of the OTA Alliance (Online Alliance Alliance) and the Anti-Phishing Working Group.

  • Reliability, proven by time!

    GlobalSign was established in 1996 as one of the first online providers of trust services. Over the years, the company has issued millions of trusted digital certificates to people, servers and mobile devices for solutions and applications supporting the PKI public key infrastructure.

  • Highly qualified specialists!

    Organizations and individuals throughout the world can receive technical assistance from our international representations.

  • Choose reliable protection for your site with an SSL certificate from

    Choose certificateChoose certificate

    Other centers' certificates

    Do you need SSL for the site? You can always find out how much it costs and purchase it from us!

    We offer SSL certificates for individuals and legal entities. The cost varies depending on a number of factors, but always remains available. Any person can order it from us!

    What do they protect?

  • With an SSL certificate, you can protect data that is transmitted between the browser and the server.
    Such data include:
  • 1. Passwords and logins.
    2. Numbers of plastic cards.
    3. Information about e-wallets, etc.
  • Important! Without protection using a security certificate, information can be stolen by intruders.
  • Why should you use a certificate?

  • It is simple! It increases the credibility of the site!
    By seeing the “https”, which stands before the address, and the seal of trust, users immediately understand that their data is being encrypted. It cannot be intercepted by third parties. The user is sure that the site with https passed the verification in the certification center.
  • Types of certificates

  • Budget certificates. Possess verification of the domain name, but comes without additional checks. They will be the best solution to get acquainted with the technology of https secure connection. Such certificates are available to legal entities and individuals. They support sites not only in the .ru zone, but also .рф. You can get and install the certificate within literally 20 minutes. It is enough to confirm ownership of the domain.
  • Business-level certificates for sites. We recommend placing an order for such SSL, provided that you are a small business owner or online store. Https SSL will confirm your high business status. Visitors will be sure that they got to the right address. This will positively affect the attendance of the resource. By placing an order for an SSL certificate, you can compare favorably with competitors.
  • Advanced level SSL. Owners of payment systems, online stores, financial organizations and other medium and large businesses should take care of ordering such a certificate. The address bar of the browser at the site protected by this service is highlighted in green. In addition, the address of the organization or store will be displayed in the address bar.Thanks to the extended verification of the company's legal existence, visitors of your site will not have even a shadow of doubt that you are a reliable partner, supplier or seller. Your site will be profitably stand out among the competitors! The certificate will make it as safe as possible!
  • Interested in the exact price of an SSL order? Want to become a certificate holder? Choose! Order in a couple of clicks!
  • Need more information? Contact our specialists. They will answer all questions.
  • Detailed comparison of SSL certificates

    Cost of one SSL certificate
    from $0.40 /yr
    from $1.06 /yr
    from $1.49 /yr
    from $3.85 /yr
    Free for 1 year
    Available to all individuals
    IDN support
    Encryption algorithm
    www subdomain protection
    Wildcard (subdomain protection, optional)
    Raising the ranking in Google's search index
    Installed on any number of servers for free
    Business status confirming
    Confirms the existence of the organization
    Green address bar of the browser
    Supports all popular browsers
    Trust seal
    Refund guarantee
    7 days
    7 days
    7 days
    7 days
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