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    We will contact the current owner, we will negotiate and help you complete the transaction.

    Order service
    High chance of success

    90% of processed orders and negotiations end with a deal.

    Legal assistance

    We help at all stages of paperwork.


    We guarantee domain transfer, payment receipt and no fraud.

    How it works?

    Receipt of application

    You order and pay for the Domain Broker service.

    Negotiations with the owner

    Representatives of REG.RU contact the owner of the domain you are interested in, agree on a price and conduct a transaction.

    Preparation and approval of documents

    Paperwork and the technical side of the issue, we fully assume.

    Closing the deal

    Payment and re-registration of the domain for you.

    If you could not agree or contact the owner of the domain?

    If you could not agree or contact the domain owner within 15 days, we will select a similar domain for free or negotiate on another domain.

    Extension of negotiations
    Re-processing of the ordered domain within 15 days.
    Deferred order
    Our specialist will take the domain, which did not manage to outbid, under personal observation and will help in its re-registration. A pending order is valid only for domains in the national .RU, .SU and .РФ zones.
    Alternate domain
    Negotiations on the purchase of another domain to the client's choice.

    Order the domain you need!


    Still have questions?

    Stages of the “Domain Broker” service provision
    1. Order and payment for the service.
    2. Initial negotiations. REG.RU managers contact the current domain administrator and find out at what price he is willing to sell you the domain.
    3. If you agree with the price of the current administrator, REG.RU will act as the Guarantor of the transaction between the Seller (current administrator) and the Buyer (you).
    4. Next, you conclude the Assignment of the copyright holder and deposit the amount necessary to purchase a domain.
    5. The manager will help in the preparation of documents and will guide you on further actions in personal correspondence.

    Please note

    – The minimum price of the domain that can participate in the deal — 2000 rubles.

    – Initial negotiations with the current administrator take up to 15 days. If you want to expedite the completion of the deal, contact the specialist who is working on your question. Then replenish the balance in the amount of 500 rubles, funds will be debited as payment for expedited processing of documents.

    – The current administrator can withdraw funds received from the sale only to a current account opened in any bank of the Russian Federation.

    Is it possible to refuse the “Domain broker” service?
    After paying for the service, it is not possible to refuse it. If the domain transfer deal did not take place, refund is not available.
    I paid for the “Domain Broker” service, but I don’t see my domain in Personal Account
    The “Domain Broker” service is not an application for registration of a domain, but negotiation for the purchase of a domain name. Therefore, until its completion, the domain is not displayed in the Personal Account.
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