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  • Dedicated Servers

    Server backup

    Reliable data backup


    from $7.02 /month

    Your data is always protected

    Organization of a backup on servers allows to perform fast copying, provides reliable storage and complete data recovery. You will not have to do backups manually — automatic backup of the server guarantees the safety of your files and important settings.

    We make backups once a day
    Term of backups storage

    Backup for server —
    simple, fast, convenient

    Backup copies on a separate storage

    Backups are stored separately from the server, what guarantees data safety


    If necessary, it is possible to get additional space for backups

    Automatic creation of backups

    Copying occurs every day and in any weather


    It is possible to recover data at maximum speed

    Under the protection of specialists

    Backup system managed by experienced administrators

    and security

    Create backups only for your chosen servers

    What backups protect from?

    Technical risks

    A separate backup storage will protect against damage to the file system or database structure, failure of components of your server.

    Human factor

    In the process of working with the website or server, it is possible to make mistakes. Backups will help to restore modified or accidentally deleted files.

    Security incidents

    Any resource can be hacked or attacked. Creating backups will protect the server from malware and scripts.

    How to connect the service?

    1. Select the required storage volume

      You can submit an application for the connection of the backup directly on this page, by selecting the desired server and volume of disk for backups storage.

    2. Pay for the service

      To activate backups, pay for the service and the selected amount of disk space.

    3. Read the instruction for setting up

      After activation, you will receive a letter to your email with a script and step-by-step instructions on setting up a connection.

    4. Set up your server

      If you have questions, please contact REG.COM support service, and our specialists will help you.

    5. Done

      After setting up the service, the status of backups and the list of backup copies will be available in the Personal account.

    Do not have the server yet?

    Order the server

    How to set up?

    Order server administration and entrust the setting to specialists

    Additional services for your server

    Still have questions?

    How much does extra backup copies space cost?
    The cost of additional space for backup depends on its volume — in the order form on this page you can compare prices and buy the necessary space for an existing server. This can also be done through the form in the Personal account. The greater the volume of the selected space, the less one gigabyte will cost.
    Are there backups on other types of servers?
    Yes, automatic backups are provided on shared hosting. If you have a VPS or KVM server, for backups it is necessary to specify the settings yourself through the control panel or order an additional service.
    Are there any limitations on backups?
    The volume of backup copies is limited by the size of the storage — it is impossible to record more data to the backup disk than it can accommodate. Backups are stored for a week (current server status + 7 days). At the same time, two full backups are stored for the beginning and end of the week, as well as changes arriving every day. If you exceed the storage capacity, the backups will be disabled after creation of the last backup copy.
    How to restore the website from backup copy?
    You can send an application for recovery on the selected backup through the Personal Account. After execution of the application, you will receive a message about data recovery.
    How is backup different from snapshot?
    Backup, unlike snapshot, is performed automatically every day. Backups take up much less disk space, since only two full copies and seven change histories are stored. Snapshots are provided only on virtual servers — they can be used to instantly save the state of the system before making important changes.
    Can I store backup copies on my server?
    Server backup for Dedicated does not provide backups storage on the server. Copies are located in a separate storage for safety and security measures.
    Is separate copying of databases possible?
    Separate copying of databases is now possible only on servers with our administration service.
    How is it possible not to reserve large volumes of junk data?
    Create a .donotbackup file in the directory and its content will not be copied (including subdirectories).
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