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  • About us

    Legal Services

    REG.RU specialists can offer you the whole range of legal services, related to intellectual property (trademarks and domain names) registration and protection issues

    Applying to REG.RU you will get recommendations of qualified legal experts, highly competent and professional in rendering legal services to individual persons and legal entities on domain names issues. Cost of services is affordable for everyone. The first legal consultation you can get for free.

    REG.RU offers the following services:

    Inheritance of domain name right

    Service description

    The service enables the Domain Name Administrator to determine a person to inherit the domain administration right in case of his/her death.

    Due to this service the heirs will be able to do the following:

  • Make all subsequent transactions with the domain name;
  • Avoid losses connected with domain loss;
  • Avoid domain-related legal disputes.
  • Inheritance right registration conditions

    Domain Administrator shall sign an Agreement of Administrator Right Transfer in Case of Administrator Death specifying the name and contact information of the future heir.


    Execution of Agreement of Administrator Right Transfer in Case of Administrator Death.

    You can contact us via any convenient communication channel:

    The cost — free

    Online responses to inquiries

    Service description

    If you need to make a prompt an advocatory or other inquiry for filing a claim to the court as well as solve legal issues, related to domain names, we advise you to use the “Online response to inquiry” service.

    Due to this service your inquiry will be processed in the department of instant reaction and you will get a response in no time. As soon as your application with the inquiry and attached documents gets to REG.RU, workers of a special department commence a prompt inquiry processing. Provided that all necessary documents are there and the inquiry properly made up, you will get the official response in the appropriate time-frame, according to the type of the application filed.

  • Online response – the response to an inquiry on domain name will be prepared in the department of instant reaction. The time-frame of execution of such an inquiry is maximum 2 hours during a working day.
  • Prompt response – the response to an inquiry on domain name will be prepared in a short time-frame. An urgent inquiry execution time-frame is maximum 5 working days.
  • Please note that information on an inquiry is given strictly within the framework of Rules of registration of domain names in .RU and .РФ domains and The rules for the online service of responses to requests.


    Prompt responses to inquiries (execution time-frame up to 5 working days) — RUB 500
    Online response to an inquiry (execution time-frame up to 2 hours) — RUB 1,000


    Procedure of providing the services

    The services are provided on the basis of an agreement for legal and consultation services

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