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    Sonatype Nexus

    Pre-installed packaged applications which provide secure and quick access to library archives.

    from $1.36
    / mo
    What is Nexus?

    Due to its free and open source code, Nexus enables you to download, install and update applications and manage file base modifications via an easy-to-use interface, which is obviously convenient and beneficial for the development of a company.

    Convenient access to data

    If you are a software developer, you will find it easy to integrate code with quick, effective and reliable access to library archives. You will be able to improve and enhance data interchange in your organization, which will positively affect your results and timely execution of tasks.

    With Nexus, you will have full and centralized control over user access and process deployment and management within your organization by providing company employees with a single «entry point» and access to corporate data and information systems without needing to install and deploy expensive projects.

    Why Nexus?

    When using the team development process Nexus enables you to use shared data for work without loss of time and synchronize the work of professionals smoothly at each stage thanks to open source code. You get conveniently located storage, which will inevitably prove its benefits for future growth.

    Nexus provides robust support for controllable concepts of tasks you have scheduled: periodic ones, which provide automation of database archive management and a system of timely data updating and removal of obsolete information.

    Nexus simplifies tasks and makes your life easier.

    Try it for free

    Испытайте продукт, используя бесплатный 14-дневный период на облачном хостинге.

    Try for free

    Испытайте продукт, используя бесплатный 14-дневный период на облачном хостинге.

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